Victoria Brown

Victoria is a Darkling Iiles. Her chestnut brown hair is an odd contrast to her black skin and black eyes. She tends to wear dressier clothes when possible.


When Victoria was a little girl, she looked up to her big sister, Samantha. Samantha was pretty, talented, and sweet. Then the little girls grew up. Samantha became a wild child and Victoria stopped idolizing her. When Samantha was seventeen and Victoria was thirteen, there was some big blow up fight between the two of them. Things were never quite the same, and then Victoria died. Or did she? The real Victoria went through the Hedge and came back five years older than she went it. She came back with a lot of anger and at first started directing it towards her sister. Then she found out an old classmate of her’s was ‘fae-touched’ and made a promise to herself that not only would she get back at Samantha for all the hurt she’d caused her, she’d protect Molly, too.

When the fae started toying with Molly, Victoria had had enough. They didn’t get to be scary anymore. Her sister didn’t get to be scary anymore. It was Victoria’s turn to be the scary one.

And she would be.

Victoria Brown

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