Molly Sampson

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Physical Description: Molly is average height, about 5’6. She’s athletically built and has long, vibrant red hair and cold blue eyes. She is always dressed stylishly and in name-brand/designer clothes.

Molly Sampson is your “stereotypical” rich girl. Her parents are both independently wealthy, and have always given Molly everything that she wanted, except for their time. She spent the majority of her childhood with a Nanny, until she was mysteriously let go when Molly was 8. After that, Molly kept herself busy with school and extracurricular activities. As she grew older, she began to “rebel” by developing bad habits such as shoplifting.

When she was 16, Molly was caught stealing jewelery. After a fight with her parents, Molly ran into the woods behind her house. According to the authorities, she was missing for 8 days, however Molly insists she was only gone for 8 minutes and was in the woods the entire time (though they had been extensively searched by the police). Soon after her return, Molly began talking about seeing strange monsters in the streets. Her parents took her to several doctors, and she was finally diagnosed with a type of schizophrenia ((note: she and her family kept this very quiet, and it is not publicly known. The only people who know would be her ‘boyfriend’ Trent and her motely – and only them because they would have seen the medication in her apartment)). When the medication didn’t help, Molly decided to stop taking the medicine and keep her visions to herself.

Two years later (now 18), Molly learned she had stumbled into the Hedge and become “fae touched.” While at first she wanted to deny the strange new world she had accidentally become a part of, she soon accepted her fate.

Molly lives Cedar Rapids where she attends Coe College, is studying Interior Design and Creative Writing. She is always dressed in the latest fashions, and likes to spend her free time shopping, driving around the back roads in her convertible, and clubbing (yes, she has a fake ID). Although her mother has become much more worried about her daughter, and checks in on her frequently, Molly lives a relatively independent life. She has an “on again off again” (mostly off again) boyfriend, Trent who is a biker and two best friends, Carleigh and Claire (twins, also very stereotypically ‘rich girls’). She is also slowly developing new friendships with the strange new group, called her motely.

Molly Sampson

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