Addy (Adrienne) Clay

Addy the Wizened Artist - less than 5 feet tall, skinny as a rail. She has long dark hair and dresses in a gypsy-bohemian style.


Concept: Moulin Rouge Artist/Crafter/Barista

Name: Ada Clay (Anglicized name of the greek muse Aoide, or Adelaide ‘noble, kind sort’.) Changed to Addy, or Adrienne after she gave her real life to her fetch Ada.

Her social life: Addy is a young woman, early 20’s who is an incredibly gentle, peaceful soul. Pre-hedge she had a modest social circle, mostly consisting of various crafter circles and her coworkers at the coffee shop. No boyfriend, no interest in a relationship at the moment. She told everyone that she was ‘just waiting for the right person’. There was quite a bit of speculation from her friends on whether or not she’s gay. Post-Hedge: in actuality, she’s bi, but on meeting her fetch Ada with a man, she exclaimed that she was gay. She’s not yet returned to her social circle, even getting a new job she hasn’t made many friends yet. She mostly hangs out with her fetch and motley.

She’s quite the fucking hippy. She has her own herb garden, a tiny hybrid/electric car, she buys organic and wears as much organic as she can. She does make a fair amount of what she wears. She’s a pacifist, and therefore opposed to violence. She does not partake in violence unless it comes to her safety and well-being. (Example: If she’s going to get mugged, she’ll hand her stuff over, and will only defend herself if they’re going to harm her.) She does yoga and akido, the latter just as self-defense. This is, after all, the World of Darkness and bad shit happens out there. Post-Hedge: she’s returning to her regime of yoga and akido.

Family: Her family is from out east, Illinois or Indiana. She has living parents and three siblings, two brothers, one sister. They all live much closer to home and most of them are married. One brother is her twin, and constantly with new girlfriends. Post-Hedge: she’s claiming to be fetch Ada’s twin sister, and does not contact her family.

History: She moved out to Cedar Rapids a few years back for school and started working at the coffee shop then. She has since graduated and started a professional career with her art which gains her a nice little income. She attends the farmer’s market, has a website and an Etsy store where she takes custom orders for a number of things. The coffee shop displays and sells some of her work, as do other suchlike stores in the area. She did very well for herself with this alone, but used to work part time just to get her out of her studio on occasion.

Her home at present: She’s very bohemian in her personal style. In fact, she lives in a WoD version of Grant Wood’s Studio. It’s decorated in a very gypsy-bohemian style, with the white walls remaining but lively bright photos, art, and curtains decorating the walls and the surfaces. There are plants by the windows, a little herb garden. Probably vines in the cupola and the skylight. She has a wide-ranged collection of knick-knackery, but not overwhelming the space. It is eclectic but not cluttered. Some of her favorite pieces are prominently displayed. Everything does appear clean, and well loved, and usually organized. Her work area is meticulously neat. There’s the dining table by the window but another space where she works. Post-Hedge: She and Ada are making it work for two, but barely. Addy requests that Ada’s boyfriend Mick not come to visit, and with one car, it’s making it a bit tough on them all.

Her work/hobbies: She’s an artist, she does practically anything, painting, photography, sewing and knitting, jewelry-making and sculpting. Her materials are stored away neatly. She’s fairly organized, with a tendency for organization to devolve into chaos if she’s busy or distracted. This girl is a one-stop crafty shop. She works part time at Brewed Awakenings. She plays guitar, and tin whistle and her singing voice is fair to passable. She loves karaoke, and fancy beer. Post-Hedge: she’s gotten her original job back at Brewed Awakenings and is helping fetch Ada run her business as well. She’s saving up her money at the moment to buy second sets of her original materials, sewing machine, knitting needles, etc. She may also be looking for a new place to live.

Addy (Adrienne) Clay

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